Dick Schafrath, a former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman, is just one of many NFL players suffering from the effects of CTE. Through his own experience, Schafrath hopes to help the next generation avoid what he continues to grapple with on a daily basis. Read his full story here.

Following the fallout of the Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky era at Penn State University, the school hired new football head coach James Franklin at a cost that exceeded any other Pennsylvania state employee. This controversial move sparked concern. Have academic institutions lost sight of what their top priorities ought to be? Read the full article here.

Tyler Summitt, the son of the late legendary women’s college basketball coach Pat Summitt, became the youngest head coach in Louisiana Tech’s history at age 23. Read his story here.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation provides extraordinary experiences for children with disabilities and those facing hardships. Read the full article detailing several families’ stories of resilience and hope here.